Marketing & Communications Publications


  1. Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing

    September 2016 | Key Business Issues

    We look at the trend toward integrating corporate communications and marketing and consider the various ways that these two functions working together can contribute value to corporations.

  2. Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing (CHRO Business Implications)

    September 2016 | Key Business Issues

    Human resources professionals might not know it, but they have an important role in the future of corporate communications and marketing. This overview explores how integrating these two functions could deliver big opportunities in HR.

  3. Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing (CEO Business Implications)

    September 2016 | Key Business Issues

    CEOs have a crucial role to play in ensuring integrated corporate communications and marketing delivers on its potential to create value.

  4. 25 Truths about Sustainability: Insights from the Sustainability Summit

    August 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    There’s good and bad news in sustainability. Good: more businesses are taking sustainability seriously. Bad: for many, “growth” still means “selling more product.” The solution: sustainable innovations that also drive business growth.

  5. 25 Truths about Branding: Insights from the Annual Brand Conference

    July 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Brands are striving to amplify word of mouth in social media, keep their voice consistent across platforms, and ride the momentum of changes in the digital landscape.

  6. 25 Truths about Corporate Communications

    June 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Stakeholders and the public expect companies to play fair and contribute to society. It falls to corporate communications to explain the company’s societal relevance and the value it contributes—beyond financial metrics.

  7. Corporate Communications Practices: 2016 Edition

    June 2016 | Research Report

    The function is taking on a more strategic role at companies, as corporate communicators become key advisors to the CEO and the C-suite, the inaugural edition of this benchmarking report finds.

  8. Corporate Use of Social Media

    April 2016 | Director Notes

    Companies use social media to overcome a perceived lack of traditional media attention and improve their information environment, but this benefit is offset when investor-focused social media communications are disseminated by others.


  1. Staying Ahead of Change and Preparing for 2020: Insights from the 2015 Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference

    November 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    One of the best ways to build your brand is by getting the marketing, customer service, and sales teams to work together to provide the best customer experience possible.

  2. 2015 Fortune 500 and Social Media: Instagram Gains, Blogs Lose

    November 2015 | Research Report

    This year's survey of social media use by the Fortune 500 finds 10 percent fewer companies blogging and an increase in the adoption of new tools such as Glassdoor and Instagram.