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Corporate Governance Publications


  1. Corporate Governance Center Newsletter - February 2019

    February 2019 | Newsletter

    US CEOs couldn’t always count on making hundreds of times more than their average employee—tracing the surprising, sprawling roots of this historical anomaly back is the first step back to a saner, fairer future.

  2. Can the Board Really be Outsourced?

    January 2019 | Executive Action Report

    The board service provider model may be ahead of its time, but the conversation it has started may fix what is truly broken.

  3. Forcing Shareholder Engagement: A study on the underpinning and political ambitions

    January 2019 | Director Notes

    Since share ownership and the proprietary rights that come from such ownership do not lead to shareholder duties, there seems to be no justification for criticizing shareholders for being absent or passive owners.

  4. 25 Truths about Corporate Philanthropy: Engagement in an Age of Activism and Outrage

    January 2019 | Conference KeyNotes

    Getting involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs goes beyond just doing the right thing. It can also help restore trust in business, improve diversity and inclusion, and help attract, retain, engage, and train employees. As a result, corporate philanthropy and HR are becoming more closely intertwined, especially as organizations increase pro bono volunteer projects, immersive service learning programs, and service corps. Of course, getting employees involved in your CSR programs is much easier than it used to be, especially with millennials, who want to work for a company with purpose.

  5. C-Suite Challenge 2019: The Future-Ready Organization

    January 2019 | Key Business Issues Listing

    How CEOs and C-suite executives are transforming for the future—opportunities and challenges ahead


  1. Sustainability Practices: 2018 Edition

    December 2018 | Key Business Issues Listing

    This report identifies key trends related to the corporate disclosure of environmental and social practices—encompassing, among others, atmospheric emissions, water consumption, biodiversity policies, labor standards, human rights practices, and charitable and political contributions.

  2. Campaign Finance Reform Without Law

    December 2018 | Director Notes

    Given the current legal and political climate, it is time for boards, CEOs, campaign finance scholars, and advocates to look beyond the law when it comes to corporate political spending and its related disclosure.

  3. Sustainability Practices: 2018 Edition—Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

    December 2018 | Key Business Issues

    Sustainability reporting is still not a uniform practice across the globe and remains sporadic in countries where nonfinancial reporting regulation and stakeholder pressures are absent.

  4. Director Notes India: Board Meeting Attendance—Findings from a NIFTY 500 analysis

    December 2018 | Director Notes

    In spite of an Indian legal framework that offers directors many options to attend board meetings, attendance at NIFTY 500 companies is still down.

  5. 2018 Executive Compensation and Succession Practices Bundle

    December 2018 | Research Report

    A new bundled report combining two current reports that represent our most extensive and insightful executive compensation and leadership succession practices.