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Innovation and Digital Transformation Publications


  1. Building the Right Project Management Competencies for Your Organization

    May 2019 | Council Views

    The Project Management Executives Council pooled their collective wisdom to create a framework that enables companies to pinpoint inefficiencies and over-engineering and allows them to determine the appropriate level of structure for their organization.

  2. C-Suite Challenge 2019: The Future-Ready Organization: Latin America

    April 2019 | Publication

    The successful organization and CEO of the future will be open, transparent, and willing to share information at all levels while thinking holistically about the impact of their business on society, according to our CEO respondents in Latin America.

  3. Future of Work in Asia: The Digital Transformation Journey and Its Impact on How Work Gets Done

    April 2019 | Key Business Issues

    Hiring, developing, and training talent in Asia-Pacific and China will change as data provides critical insight into how to create customized individual retention strategies.

  4. Metrics for Innovation Leaders: Using Metrics to Drive Better Outcomes

    April 2019 | Key Business Issues

    CEOs see not having an innovation measurement framework as an important obstacle to future innovation. But how exactly do you measure innovation?

  5. Responsible Digital: Extending Ethical Business Principles to Digitalization

    April 2019 | Executive Action Report

    Technological change can be transformative and prove to be a force for good – are you ensuring the benefits are shared with everyone and not just a few?

  6. Innovate or Hunker Down: What Executives Think about Data Privacy, Security, and Regulation

    March 2019 | Research Report

    In the face of data privacy compliance, do you take the easy route and do the bare minimum, or do you innovate? US marketing, tech, and compliance executives weigh in.

  7. C-Suite Challenge 2019: Tomorrow’s Barriers to Innovation

    March 2019 | Executive Action Report

    Globally, what do CEOs see as the barriers to innovation today and in 2025? Day-to-day performance pressure is the top barrier today, followed by a lack of talent/skills and a shortage of resources. But looking out to 2025, concerns shift.

  8. Driving Digital Transformation: What Does It Take to Lead?

    February 2019 | Key Business Issues

    What does “going digital” mean in practical terms for a company? For a workforce? What are the most critical skills and capabilities needed to enable digital transformation?

  9. C-Suite Challenge 2019: The Future-Ready Organization: Japan

    January 2019 | Key Business Issues

    How CEOs Are Transforming for the Future in Japan—Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

  10. What Will Organizations Look Like in 2025?

    January 2019 | Infographic

    The Short Answer: Very Different