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Digital Transformation Center Publications


  1. 24 Truths About Change and Transformation Insights from the 16th Annual Change and Transformation Conference

    July 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Digital transformation at an organization may start well but lose momentum. Often the stumbling block is corporate culture. Changing the culture can make all the difference.

  2. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2018: Will Trade Barriers Derail the Global Economy?

    July 2018 | StraightTalk®

    For now, the global economy seems barely shaken by trade policy tensions. But as the business cycle ages, it will become more important to monitor risk factors. 

  3. Driving Digital Transformation: What's the Role of HR? Implications for Asia

    June 2018 | Key Business Issues

    Through interviews of experts in Asia, this short report explores the implications for the region of recent research on digital transformation and human capital, including: 1) the new ways HR is expected to deliver business value and 2) the knowledge, capabilities, and skills that HR leaders need to be effective in the digital age.

  4. Digital Transformation Center Newsletter

    June 2018 | Publication

    Digital transformation faces a major skills gap

  5. China Center Deep Dive Exchange Session Report: China's Cybersecurity Law

    June 2018 | China Center Publications

    In May 2018, China Center member companies convened to share perspectives on network and data compliance requirements and to discuss ideas and experiences on assuring network and data security, maintaining operational efficiency, and meeting regulator expectations. 

  6. Total Impact Valuation: Overview of Current Practices (Executive Summary)

    June 2018 | Key Business Issues

    Total impact valuation—the practice of quantifying and monetizing a company’s economic, social, and environmental impacts—has almost as many methodologies as it has companies engaging in the practice. 

  7. Innovation Culture and Brand: Measuring Intangibles That Drive Financial Outcomes

    June 2018 | Key Business Issues

    New research from The Conference Board and Tenet Partners reveals that companies with a strong culture of innovation are viewed more favorably and seen as having greater investment potential, among other favorable outcomes.

  8. Anticipating Business Risk in the New Social Media Landscape

    June 2018 | Research Report

    This Giving Thoughts article guides corporate leaders on how to identify the “inherent negatives” in their business models and mitigate the resulting social risks in ways that benefit both their business and society.

  9. Digital Transformation Center Newsletter

    May 2018 | Publication

    Companies face a growing number of risks from digital and social media and are challenged to effectively and comprehensively manage them

  10. ESG Initiatives Survey Findings

    May 2018 | PowerPoint

    The Conference Board undertook a survey to examine ESG initiatives through a business perspective, reviewing their relevance and value. This document presents the survey findings.