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Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Center Publications


  1. Campaign Finance Reform Without Law

    December 2018 | Director Notes

    Given the current legal and political climate, it is time for boards, CEOs, campaign finance scholars, and advocates to look beyond the law when it comes to corporate political spending and its related disclosure.

  2. Sustainability Practices: 2018 Edition--Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

    December 2018 | Key Business Issues

    Sustainability reporting is still not a uniform practice across the globe and remains sporadic in countries where nonfinancial reporting regulation and stakeholder pressures are absent.

  3. Disability in the Workplace in China

    December 2018 | China Center Publications

    China has adopted a "carrot and stick" approach to disability in the workplaceincentivizing companies to employ people with disabilities and fining those who don’t. The simplistic national employment quota fails to address the complexities MNCs face in recruiting, training, and retaining employees with disabilities.

  4. Disability in the Workplace in China

    December 2018 | China Center Publications

    Disability in the Workplace in China

  5. Employee Engagement Center Newsletter - November 2018

    November 2018 | Newsletter

    Companies are learning that the best way to hear the voice of customers is through the ears of employees—and investing in enterprise-wise listening tools to facilitate sharing customer concerns and crowd-sourcing solutions

  6. Comparison table of sustainability reporting frameworks

    November 2018 | Infographic

    A comparison table of some of the leading sustainability reporting frameworks. The table highlights key characteristics of these frameworks, including: intended purpose, target audience, focus areas, and geographic scope.

  7. Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Center Newsletter - November 2018

    November 2018 | Newsletter

    As corporate citizenship becomes increasingly global—and competitive—companies face new organizational, governance, and technological challenges that cut across national and business cultures

  8. 25 Truths about Employee Engagement and Experience

    November 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Engaged and happy employees provide greater customer service. Nevertheless, in an ever-changing business environment, promoting a positive work environment, creating meaningful employee experiences, and fostering high levels of engagement remain challenges for many organizations. A great culture and high engagement do not just happen by accident; what can organizations do specifically to revitalize employee experience and enhance engagement? How can companies empower employees to improve customer satisfaction?

  9. Determining the Business Impact of Employee Engagement

    October 2018 | Research Report

    This report focuses on how organizations calculate the business impact and return on investment (ROI) of their employee engagement initiatives and includes case studies of General Motors, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Teleperformance.

  10. Giving in Numbers: 2018 Edition

    October 2018 | Research Report

    This year's Giving in Numbers report shows strong increases in corporate giving over the past three years.