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  1. China Center Data Flash: June data beats expectations, but marginal slowdown still likely in 2H

    02 August, 2017 | China Center Publications

    The marginal growth rebound posted in 1H was cyclical. However, an uptick in exports, the resilience in consumption growth, and tailwinds from the subsiding housing market boom and infrastructure spending have fueled the continuation of growth thus far into 2H. 

  2. China Center Chart Dive: China's labor compensation share of GDP is on the rise; this should be good for consumption in the near-term

    02 August, 2017 | China Center Publications

    High household savings rates have worked to constrain consumption in China for a long time. However, recent data suggests a decline in Chinese savings rates. This may partially explain the resilience of consumption growth in China, even as the country’s overall economic growth continues to slow.

  3. Making Social Enterprises More Effective: The Five-Step Approach to Engaging Stakeholders

    31 July, 2017 | Research Report

    This Giving Thoughts article proposes a transparent, five-step, multiconstituency approach which places stakeholders at the heart of impact measurement decision making.

  4. Board Oversight of Long-Term Value Creation and Preservation: What needs to change?

    31 July, 2017 | Director Notes

    This report provides a new approach for board risk oversight of company long-term value creation called objective centric ERM and internal audit.

  5. Human Capital in Europe: Forward-Thinking Strategies for Meeting the Decade's Challenges

    27 July, 2017 | Research Report

    We find considerable alignment between what CEOs and HR executives of companies based in Europe view as their major challenges through 2020. 

  6. US Salary Increase Budgets for 2018

    25 July, 2017 | Research Report

    The projected total median increase in budgets for 2018 across all employee categories remains at 3.00 percent overall, unchanged for more than half a decade.

  7. 25 Truths about Measuring the Impact of Ethics Programs in Your Organization

    21 July, 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

    Companies need to be aware of and know how to mitigate the underlying system dynamics that can lead to unethical behavior. 

  8. 22 Truths about Change and Transformation

    19 July, 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

    Change today is rapid, overwhelming, and overwhelmingly digital. Leaders need to understand this and to change their strategies, capabilities, and attitudes accordingly.

  9. Millennials and Social Commerce: Engagement Leads to Sales but Paid Social May Not

    19 July, 2017 | Research Report

    This SNCR 2020 article is the second edition of a study that investigates how millennials' activity on social media translates into sales for companies and brands.

  10. Toward a New Measurement of the Value of Government Relations: Adapting Sustainability Measurements to Demonstrate Greater Business Value

    18 July, 2017 | Council Perspectives

    Judging government relations value by inappropriate criteria shortchanges the discipline and can render a false conclusion to corporate leaders, leading to resource cuts that ultimately harm the firm.

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