Blockchain Technology: The Marketing Value of Digital Permanence
  • Authors:

    Phil Gomes

  • Publication Date:
    November 2017

When you hear loud voices proclaiming that a new technology is going to radically transform industries for the better, and a group of equally loud people decrying that same technology as either snake oil or even irredeemably sinister, you know that you’re onto something big. Perhaps even transformational. As thoughtful industry participants, this is a familiar situation. We’ve observed this with the advent of the internet as a consumer-accessible experience and, later, social media and Web 2.0. This SNCR 2020 article suggests we’re at a similar junction today and makes a prediction: Whether you’re in consumer marketing or corporate reputation management, blockchain technology—the innovation that supports the bitcoin cryptocurrency protocol and so much more—will have greater impact on the communications and marketing trade within the next five to ten years than social media did from 1995 to 2005.

Research Report (20 pgs)
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