Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job? Perspectives on the Board Member's Job Description
  • Authors:

    Gary Larkin

  • Publication Date:
    September 2017

Over time, the range of expectations for performing the job of corporate director has widened, and the job has become a prism: how it's defined shifts depending on the perspective of the observer. We examine how different stakeholders view this prism in a series of more than 10 reports based on roundtables with different groups: proxy advisors, directors, active and passive investors, corporate secretaries, activist hedge funds, academics, Delaware bench and bar, auditors, media, and regulators. With the aim of fostering a common understanding among market participants, we ask each group to consider how the role of the director has evolved, what the current range of expectations is, and where gaps in understanding have resulted in conflict.

Key Business Issues (61 pgs)
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