China Center Quick Note: The Belt and Road -- Globalization with Chinese Characteristics

Many trade diplomats, China watchers, and multinational company executives reacted with skepticism when Chinese President Xi Jinping extolled the virtues of globalization, openness, connectivity, and a free and fair trading order at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January. Indeed, for many US and European observers with business experience in the region, the conventional wisdom is that the China of 2017 is closing doors, not opening them. However, many emerging markets within the “One Belt, One Road” geography find Beijing’s geo-economic vision for Eurasian integration compelling, at least for now, and developed country political leaders and MNC executives should incorporate this reality into their business planning assumptions for the region.

Please download our China Center's latest Quick Note for a comprehensive analysis of what businesses need to understand about China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the role it is playing in the region and world. 

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