Future-Skilling Your Workforce: Leveraging People Strategies for Developing Future Capabilities

Technological advances, globalization, retiring baby boomers, increasing talent shortages, and dropping productivity are forcing organizations to invest in ongoing reskilling and upskilling programs to become more agile. Future-skilling programs are most successful when talent processes are integrated—not separated into silos of recruitment, training, or compensation—and are aligned to specific business goals. Like a people ecosystem, synergies between people, functions, and the business environment can help organizations increase their agility and flexibility. The ecosystem is divided into three components:

•    Strategic talent planning
•    Results-focused execution
•    Strategic talent development and learning

This report provides details on the steps involved to implement the three components as well as how to build and maintain the people ecosystem. The report also includes assessment guides and real-world examples from several large companies.

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Key Business Issues (50 pgs)
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