China Wants to Go Green: Sustainability Imperatives for Multinationals – Strategic Overview

This report summarizes the findings of China Wants to Go Green: Sustainability Imperatives for Multinationals on regulation changes in China and what companies can expect, measurement gaps among Fortune 500 companies, and changing sentiments among the Chinese populace on the state of the environment in China.

China, which has hugely profited in economic growth from global trade but also bears the brunt of environmental pollution from it, is heavily lobbying to alter the way emissions data is counted and targets are set. Its government leaders are looking to multinational companies (MNCs) who shared in the country’s explosive economic growth to contribute to environmental restoration and sustainability—in 2015 and beyond, China will push harder to make industrialized countries pay for their share of the pollution bill.

MNCs are well advised to get ahead of this trend. Ultimately, strategic planning can turn sustainability into a business opportunity: MNCs in China stand to reap benefits from showing demonstrable stewardship in this area, but MNCs who are negligent stand to suffer losses, both pecuniary and reputational. Making sure your company's sustainability house is in order will provide competitive advantage.

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Key Business Issues (8 pgs)
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