International Comparisons of Annual Labor Force Statistics

The ILC program publishes comparisons of international labor market data to help readers evaluate the labor market of one country relative to others. Data and accompanying insights refer to labor markets in 16 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

  • The United States, Canada, Germany, and Japan are experiencing rapidly falling unemployment rates.
  • In most other European countries, unemployment rates are still elevated or even increasing.
  • Labor market participation rates are still increasing in most countries, with the exception of The United States.
  • Labor market tightness is still limited in most economies but may become a threat if unemployment rates or participation rates drop.
  • Without opportunities for work experience, young people may lack the skills to fill future jobs.
  • Participation rates of women and older workers are climbing - indicating that they will be key candidates to potentially fill jobs in the near future.

Research Report (25 pgs)
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