Building Sustainable Integrity into Organizational Strategy and Operations

Most companies claim that integrity is foundational to their mission. In practice, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect a company’s reputation. To protect a company’s integrity, there must be a strong ethics, compliance, and integrity (ECI) program in place—one that is fully integrated into the organization’s mission, strategy, and operations. The task of integrating an ECI program into the business is initially a multiyear effort and, thereafter, a permanent corporate priority. This report shows how an ECI program can be integrated into the fabric of an organization and become a part of the company’s culture and includes a case study showing how a major corporation—Eli Lilly and Company—is tackling the integration of its ECI program into its business strategy and operations. The report also provides a set of guidelines to help organizations create a sustainable and fully integrated ECI program for the long term.


Executive Action Report (11 pgs)
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