1. Strategic Sourcing

1.1. What should a value creating procurement category strategy look like, how to get there?

1.1.1. Market analysis

1.1.2. Demand management

1.1.3. How to include ‘green’, sustainable procurement, and procurement in a world of increasing scarcity

1.2. Building support for a sourcing strategy

1.2.1. Cross functional teams

1.2.2. Material / Service strategies as guidance for sourcing strategies

1.3. Implementing sourcing strategies

1.3.1. Total cost of ownership concept

1.3.2. Cash – flow management

1.3.3. Negotiation preparation

1.3.4. E-Sourcing

2. Supplier Management - Managing the tension between competing for value share and collaboration

2.1. What is good supplier relationship management

2.1.1. How to become a preferred customer

2.1.2. Operational collaboration

2.1.3. Cash flow management

2.2. Supplier collaboration for innovation

2.3. Good contracting practice

3. Risk Management – Securing cost-efficient supplies in highly volatile markets

3.1. Disruption risk

3.2. Reputation risk

3.3. Financial risk

3.4. Spend at risk hedging

4. Savings – ‘ fixing the leaky bucket’: delivery to the bottom line

4.1. Price formation processes

4.2. Price forecasting

4.3. Savings methodology

5. Becoming a key strategic partner internally and externally

5.1. Teamworking

5.1.1. Working across borders

5.1.2. Cross functional teams revisited

5.2. Beyond savings – Creating value

Webcast 1: What would you like to have accomplished in 1-2 years time?
This session will allow members to think through and create an action learning strategy.  

Webcast 2: Identifying leadership issues and communicating your plan
This session will focus on understanding who your procurement leaders are and how you can best engage them. We will also discuss how to most effectively communicate your business plan and begin executing.

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