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Podcasts from The Conference Board
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  • Consumer Confidence holds strong and steady in February—with Coronavirus fears lurking

    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index ticked up slightly in February, with further strengthening of expectations offsetting a pullback in consumers’ assessment of present conditions. The bottom line: American consumers remain historically confident—with their spending likely to drive continued economic growth through the first half of 2020. Could the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak—which escalated globally after our February survey closed—grow into the “black swan” that finally di

  • George Friedman on his new book, "The Storm Before The Calm"

    Join The Conference Board’s Executive Vice President and Chief Economist Bart van Ark as he interviews George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, about his new book, The Storm Before The Calm. In his riveting new book, Friedman turns to the future of the United States. Examining the clear cycles through which the United States has developed, upheaved, matured, and solidified, Friedman breaks down the coming years and decades in thrilling detail.

  • Don’t Think Out of The Box!

    So often we here that we need to think out of the box. However, a great start for change and transformation is to think INSIDE the box. In this short and engaging podcast you will see several actionable boxes for your leadership journey.

  • A Conversation with Ivan Pollard, Chief Marketing Officer of General Mills

    Does branding still matter? Is retail dead? When does a company need a CMO? Who is bringing back the magic of creativity? If you want to better understand people, brands and the future of marketing, listen to our conversation with Ivan Pollard, CMO of General Mills. Ivan believes that the future is rather bright for large, traditional scale players—and that creativity, equity, and relationship building are essential ingredients for long-term brand success.

  • A Focus on Climate Change: From BlackRock’s Letter to CEOs to the Davos Manifesto

    Dottie Schindlinger from the Diligent Institute interviews with Paul Washington, Executive Director of the Environmental, Social & Governance Center at The Conference Board, about climate change, where it ranks as a priority for CEOs and Directors, and the potential impact of Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs and the Davos Manifesto on corporate disclosures and practices.

  • Coronavirus Outbreak: The CSR Response

    There are over 40,000 cases of coronavirus, concentrated in China, but the outbreak is now reaching over two dozen countries across the globe. A health crisis like this demands a government response, but what is the corporate response? Paul Washington, head of The Conference Board’s Environmental, Social and Governance Center, chats with a team of experts on how corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders worldwide are marshalling resources to respond to this health crisis.

  • Lars Sudmann on his new book, Innovation That Sticks

    How do you innovate, how do you structure your organization, your team, your personal life? You need a detailed plan and everything laid out for the future! Really? Well, maybe not always. Maybe you need to operate also with the Spaghetti Principle. Discover how you can embrace this special principle and really make innovation stick.

  • Coronavirus Outbreak: Global Economic Implications

    The threat of trade wars has receded, but the coronavirus outbreak has added a new level of uncertainty to the global economic outlook. Will its effects be temporary, short term or beyond? Will its impact on China, the world’s second largest economy, reverberate across the globe? Find out in this podcast with subject matter experts from The Conference Board.

  • Navigating without a Map? Introducing our Global Human Capital Benchmarking Service

    During radical global transformation, human capital is business capital. To give organizations competitive, actionable intelligence to inform their workforce strategies, we are introducing The Conference Board Human Capital Benchmarking Service, the first global, cross-functional tool to assess metrics and practices against your most valuable asset: your people. Hear from Dr. Rebecca Ray, EVP, Human Capital, The Conference Board, and Karen Ganzlin, Chief Human Resources Officer, TD Ameritrade, a

  • How is AI Transforming Talent Acquisition?

    The Conference Board Researchers Robin Erickson, PhD, and Amy Ye discuss how AI can elevate the talent acquisition function and drive business results, reveal the impact of AI on the roles and skill sets required for TA professionals, identify common issues and concerns with employing AI technology in TA, and provide recommendations to ensure successful implementation of AI in TA.

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