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  • ESG News and Views Podcast

    ESG News and Views, from The Conference Board’s ESG Center, provides compelling in-depth interviews with ESG thought leaders, and timely updates on hot button topics in corporate governance, sustainability, citizenship and philanthropy.

31 Mar. 2020 | Comments (0)
How can corporations best support non-profits during COVID-19?
For the nonprofit sector, the disruption from COVID-19 has created a new set of challenges. In addition to the government response, what role should businesses play during this crisis to support charitable organizations and communities most in need? Lindsay Beltzer, Program Manager of The Conference Board’s ESG Center, chats with corporate citizenship and nonprofit leaders on how businesses and nonprofits are coming together and evolving their partnership models in the face of the pandemic.

11 Mar. 2020 | Comments (0)
Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire’ with Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School Professor and author discusses her new book, ‘Reimaging Capitalism in a World on Fire,’ which explores why we need to, and how we can, build a more profitable, equitable, and sustainable capitalism.

20 Feb. 2020 | Comments (0)
A Focus on Climate Change: From BlackRock’s Letter to CEOs to the Davos Manifesto
Dottie Schindlinger from the Diligent Institute interviews with Paul Washington, Executive Director of the Environmental, Social & Governance Center at The Conference Board, about climate change, where it ranks as a priority for CEOs and Directors, and the potential impact of Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs and the Davos Manifesto on corporate disclosures and practices.

18 Feb. 2020 | Comments (0)
Coronavirus Outbreak: The CSR Response
There are over 40,000 cases of coronavirus, concentrated in China, but the outbreak is now reaching over two dozen countries across the globe. A health crisis like this demands a government response, but what is the corporate response? Paul Washington, head of The Conference Board’s Environmental, Social and Governance Center, chats with a team of experts on how corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders worldwide are marshalling resources to respond to this health crisis.

15 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
If corporations are sociopaths, what do we do about it?
The second of two interviews with former NY law partner Jamie Gamble, who has written that corporations “are legally obligated to act like sociopaths” -- that is, in the narrow economic interest of stockholders.  In this interview Jamie discusses his proposed changes to the law to make it easier for corporations to act in the best interests of society at large.

08 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
Are Corporations Sociopaths? A Conversation with Jamie Gamble
The first of two provocative interviews with former NY law partner Jamie Gamble on his essay, “The Most Important Problem in the World,” which links major global challenges to corporations who “are legally obligated to act like sociopaths.” This interview addresses whether corporations are obligated to act as sociopaths. The second focuses on Jamie’s changes to make it easier for corporations to act in the best interest of society.

24 Sep. 2019 | Comments (0)
Western Union Foundation: Opportunity Beyond Borders
Elizabeth Roscoe, Global Head, Corporate Brand & Purpose and Executive Director, Western Union Foundation, discusses the foundation’s new goal to invest $15 million within three years, with a focus on empowering displaced and marginalized youth to succeed in today’s technology driven global economy.