Human Capital Peer Networks

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council II
In the “New Normal” companies that balance the demands of effectively executing today’s best D&I practices and designing innovative practices will lead the pack.

Emerging Markets Human Resources Council
The Council provides an exclusive network for human resources professionals to exchange insights and to explore and better understand the HR challenges and opportunities relating to business development and growth in emerging markets.

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Employee Engagement

Council of Human Resources Executives
Discusses strategic HR issues and promotes in-depth networking among its members.

Human Resources Council - Mexico
Senior human resources executives convene in Mexico to discuss the issues most affecting their business today. Members value the confidential dialogue, expert speakers and benchmarking opportunities afforded by the intimate peer group forum.

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Human Capital Analytics

Workforce Analytics Institute Council
The Workforce Analytics Institute (WAI) Council brings together a community of HR and Business leaders to equip them with the research, tools, methodologies and training to move from Strategic Workforce Planning through to understanding and utilizing work

Council on Human Capital Analytics
The importance of the Human Capital Analytics leaders is rapidly growing. HC Analytics leaders and seasoned practitioners are instrumental in predicting HC capabilities, articulating the value of HC and reaching strategy sooner and more effectively.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Council on Advancing Women II
As women continue to take on increased leadership responsibilities, there is a growing desire to focus on women’s leadership topics and explore relevant issues that will reinforce the development of current business and future women leaders.

Council on Executive Coaching
This Council, dedicated to sharing, creating and implementing best practices and protocols that will drive business results, helps senior leaders develop within their organizations. Members value the confidential meetings and expert speakers.

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Strategic HR

Employee Benefits Council
Executives engage in strategic discussions on current challenges and trends facing employee benefits. Members value the confidential dialogue, expert speakers and benchmarking opportunities afforded by the intimate peer group forum.

China Human Resources Council
Meets to discuss issues and exchange best practices regarding recruiting, retaining, and motivating local staffs as member companies grow in the Greater China region.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning Council
This council takes on the challenge of implementing and maturing SWP to maximize its benefit. The meeting focus is participatory, the emphasis on relevant insights that members can use to manage risks and leverage talent.

Asia-Pacific Talent & Diversity Council
The mission of the Council is to provide its members, who are leaders in the areas of talent management, leadership development and organization effectiveness, with a forum for sharing best practices and actionable ideas.

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Talent Management

Talent Management Leaders Council
As talent managers, we are responsible for the strategic management of the flow of talent through our organizations, with the goal of achieving financial and operational success. Our jobs require thought leadership and a high level of strategic thinking.

Corporate Well-Being & Strategic Health Leadership Council
As leaders in the field of Well-Being and Healthcare management, we play a critical role by making well-being a core business strategy that ultimately saves lives, reduces health care costs, enhances productivity and inspires higher levels of engagement.

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