Economy & Business Environment Peer Networks

Business Scenarios & Strategic Planning

HR M&A Council
The success of every deal depends on the people issues. HR Executives who participate in M&A need specific skills and expertise, beginning with due diligence through integration.

Competitive Intelligence Council
Provides a platform for intensive, off-the-record exchange of ideas and experiences in competitive intelligence/analysis activities. Members value the expert speakers, benchmarking, and ability to develop best and next practices.

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Consumer Dynamics

Customer Experience Council
Executives responsible for maximizing value for both the customer and the bottom line engage in candid and confidential discussions. Members value the opportunity to share best practices and develop innovative strategies in a confidential setting.

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Economic Indicators & Forecasting

Council of Economists
This Council brings together economists from the financial services and industrial communities to exchange views on the emerging economic environment.

Council of Financial Executives & Controllers
This council is designed for senior executives and directors with responsibility for financial control of international industrial and commercial companies.

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Energy & Sustainability

Council on Health and Safety
Gives European safety managers the opportunity to exchange ideas on increasing the effectiveness of their health and safety programmes, and on promoting the active participation and commitment of employees.

Council on Environment and Product Stewardship
The European Council on Environment and Product Stewardship, existing since 1991, responds to public, government and corporate concern about the environment and sustainability as well as product stewardship issues.

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Global Value Chains

Emerging Markets Supply Chain Management Council
The Council provides senior supply chain decision makers in emerging markets with a network of professional peers who meet regularly to exchange ideas, best practices, and innovations related to the supply chain and logistics functions.

Council on Corporate Treasury
The European Council on Corporate Treasury is designed for senior executives of international industrial and commercial companies. Topics discussed amongst this peer group includes improving processes, navigating volatile credit markets, and many more.

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Growth, Productivity & Competitiveness

Big Data Working Group
Increasingly, corporations face technology-driven discontinuities that challenge traditional ways of doing business even as they enable new opportunities for growth.

Project Management Council
We discuss ways to manage projects across your organization in order to minimize bureaucracy and maximize benefits.

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Applied Innovation Council
As managers in product/service development, innovation and commercialization, we integrate and use market trends, user needs, technology, internal systems, investments & innovation methods in stages from market research through production and launch.

Change & Transformation Council
Our mission is to advance the practice of change management by creating new thought leadership and developing capabilities for extraordinary performance.

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Marketing & Brand Strategy

Council for CMOs
The CMO is arguably the least understood executive in the C-suite by both the outside world and internal audiences. We focus on marketing challenges in business transformation,including growth,reputation management,change management and talent engagement.

Digital Strategy Council
Allows senior executives to systematically analyze the profound impact of new information technologies on corporate strategy, marketing, and product development. Members value the confidential dialogue, expert speakers and benchmarking opportunities.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy

Supplier Diversity Leadership Council
The Council meets three times a year to discuss the challenges that face supply chain organizations. Members are heads of the supplier diversity practice in their companies. They value the confidential forum and benchmarking opportunities.

Purchasing & Supply Leadership Council
Chief procurement officers engage in strategic discussions of best practices and issues critical to the success of a company’s purchasing organization. Members value the confidential dialogue, expert speakers and benchmarking opportunities.

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Labor Markets

Asia-Pacific Human Resources Council
Members exchange insights and best practices regarding how to manage regional human resources issues in the context of today's global business environment.

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