Philanthropy & Citizenship Peer Networks
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  1. Asia-Pacific Communication and Marketing Council

    This council draws on the expertise of its members, augmented by insights of respected leaders in the fields of public relations, public affairs, investor and legal communications, employee relations, community relations and communications technologies.


  1. China Communication and Marketing Council

    Meets to discuss issues and exchange best practices such as branding, stakeholder relationships, public affairs, employee relations, community relations, interactive marketing and communication technologies issues with a strong focus on Greater China.

  2. Contributions Council

    This exclusive forum for organizations giving over 10M in cash annually, allows corporate foundation heads to discuss critical issues in a confidential setting. Members advance corporate philanthropy practices and underscore its importance to society.

  3. Contributions Council II

    Members are foundation leaders from organizations giving between 1-10M in annual cash givings. The confidential network allows members to develop best practices and discuss cutting-edge issues in philanthropy, social involvement, and citizenship.

  4. Corporate Philanthropy with a Global Footprint

    As the worldwide footprint of US business continues to expand, companies face new questions as to what is the proper range and scope of their global philanthropic program.


  1. Global Social Investing Council

    Advances the practice of cross-border corporate social responsibility and strategic philanthropy on a global scale through continuous dialogue on latest trends, issues and solutions encountered, as well as inspiring practices.


  1. Integrating Sustainability Working Group 2014

    How can companies incorporate sustainability into the core business strategy to drive profitability and innovation, mitigate risks, and promote positive impact on society and the environment?


  1. Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investing

    How can corporations and their foundations measure the impact of their social investments? As CSR reporting grows, what information and data can enhance both reporting and decision making?


  1. South Asia Executive Coaching Council

    This council gives members an opportunity to address sustainability challenges and compare notes to ensure they have the right strategies in place to identify and deal with environmental and social performance issues.