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By bringing together a select group of senior executives who occupy similar roles at the world’s leading companies and organizations, The Conference Board Councils give you access to an elevated level of conversation you won’t find anywhere else. As a Council member you will gain insights beyond your industry, region, or point of view through confidential communities, meetings, and events.

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The Power of Peers

Business challenges have changed a great deal since The Conference Board held its first Council in 1929. While benchmarks, industry insights, and best practices all help to shape strategic decisions, it is understanding how to apply this information to your business that requires a combination of broader perspective and real-world knowledge that can only be achieved through a confidential dialogue of peers.

Today, the value of a strong peer network is more important than ever. Sharing experiences through trusted relationships that you can tap at anytime results in ideas you can put to use immediately to raise your performance and save time. Enhanced by our global reach, Councils provide value to both you and your organization.

Council Membership Benefits:

  • Trusted peer groups Join our select community of 3,000+ executives from a broad range of business functions, industries, and regions who can provide powerful insights and new approaches to your business.
  • Problem solving Through our “Peer Assist Process,” Council colleagues focus on helping you explore solutions to your current challenges. Council webcasts are also available to help solve problems and can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Multi-function learning Meet and work alongside your peers from related (or totally distinct) functions and geographies, to apply a multitude of diverse knowledge and perspectives to the challenges of the day; The Conference Board has over 150 councils worldwide representing more than 50 functions.
  • Virtual communities Learning and problem solving extends beyond in-person meetings with our private Council websites where members can download past presentations, share documents, and contact their peers. 
  • Exposure to Timely Topics Gain early exposure to current key business issues to leverage opportunities and expand your knowledge base.
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts Advance your knowledge with private briefings from The Conference Board experts and access to our insights and research on key business issues.

    In addition, Council members receive 50% off all conferences, with the benefit of extending this discount once per year to a direct report.
  • Council Touchstones™ Confidential online surveys created at your request for instant peer advice to help address critical business situations

Council members and their teams can access:

  • The Conference Board Economics Watch® A monthly webcast and publication featuring a suite of key economic indicators and strategic insights with commentary by our chief economist highlighting potential business impacts
  • The Conference Board Governance Watch™ A bi-monthly webcast providing senior legal and compliance professionals new perspectives on issues and developments affecting corporate governance
  • The Conference Board Human Capital Watch™ A monthly webcast helping senior human capital executives address challenges and stay informed about current issues across the entire spectrum of human capital 
  • The Conference Board Policy Watch A quarterly webcast that explores the intersection of business and emerging US policy with the experts at the Committee for Economic Development 
  • The Conference Board KnowlEdge Series® Unique webcasts featuring exclusive insights from research in progress, across each of our three practice areas
  • Conference KeyNotes A live webcast covering the best presentations from recent conferences. Includes a Q&A with the headline presenters and a written summary.
  • Ask TCB™ Unlimited access to our business information service
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Katie Plotkin
Director, Council Development
+1 212 339 0449

Marie-Laure Bultot
Manager, Council Membership
+32 2 675 5405

Alice Lee
Senior Council Manager, Asia
+852 2804 1029

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