Apollo Agenda Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL.
Open to residents from all nationalities

 *Sample Agenda


Topics and Activities

Day One

 Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Opening Session

  • Executive Sponsor Opening (for custom company sessions) and Intro’s
  • Orientation/Results of Pre-event Survey/Experiential Learning Process
  • History of Space Race
  • Kennedy Profile: Setting “The Goal”

Day Two

 Kennedy Space Center (KSC): Early Exploration Center

Webb Case Study


  • Managing leadership strengths and gaps.  Innovating an organizational structure and mobilizing resources to meet “The Goal”

Debus Building & Rocket Park (KSC)

  • Von Braun Case Study: Utilizing all five adaptive leadership principles. Creating a culture of innovation. Leading cultural integration and influence change

Astronaut Memorial/Mission Status Center (KSC)

  • Apollo I Situational Analysis:  Building the awareness of the necessity of crisis preparedness.  Regaining the initiative after crisis
  • Low Case Study: Leading out of, and creating opportunities from, setbacks


 Debus Building (KSC)

Debus Building Conference Rooms (KSC): Mission Debrief  

  • Application of lessons learned



Day Three

 Saturn V Building (KSC)

Saturn V Building (KSC)

  • Apollo 8 Situational Analysis: Strategic Risk Management: assessing how human factors affect leaders perception of risk

Apollo 11 Theater (KSC)

  • Apollo 11 Situational Analysis:  Stepping Up or Stepping Back 


 Debus Building (KSC)

Saturn V Private Conference/VIP Launch Viewing room (KSC)

  • Apollo 13 Situational Analysis:  Individual and team leadership behaviors in crisis
    • Lovell Profile: Tactical crisis management and small team leadership
    • Kranz Profile: Managing resources and evolving strategy during critical events Goal clarity and innovation in the moment

Debus Building (KSC): Mission Debrief

  • Individual or team action planning
  • Executive Sponsor Close (for custom company sessions)
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Upcoming Apollo Dates

December 2-4, 2015
Space Center Houston and the Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX. Open to US citizens or US Green Card holders.

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On The Apollo Program
"…Being on site at NASA and the Houston Space Center, and using the Apollo experience to profile and discuss leadership approaches, was both engaging and very relevant to current business issues… I was able to reflect on lessons learned through the Apollo era and outline leadership strategies for both my team and organization going forward..."

Laurie Brubaker
Senior Vice President
Aetna Inc.

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