"The Apollo Leadership Experience was an incredible learning and leadership experience.  While I have enjoyed many leadership programs through-out my career, I can honestly say this program inspired me and is the best one I have ever participated in.  Being on site at NASA and the Houston Space Center, and using the Apollo experience to profile and discuss leadership approaches, was both engaging and very relevant to current business issues.  In addition to feeling a renewed sense of pride for our country’s space exploration, I was able to reflect on lessons learned through the Apollo era and outline leadership strategies for both my team and organization going forward.  I was especially impacted by the leadership lessons from Mission Control and the core tenets of Discipline, Competence, Confidence, Responsibility, Toughness and Teamwork are daily reminders to me of how to lead my organization to ensure success."

Laurie Brubaker
Senior Vice President Pharmacy, Aetna Inc.


"The Apollo Leadership Experience is one of the best (if not the best) course I have been to. The Conference Board selected excellent materials, provided great examples and put together an experience that could translate key learnings from the NASA Apollo days to our current business needs. The tours of the Rocket Park, the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory, Mission Control will be something I will remember for the rest of my life."

Laksen Sirimanne 
Vice President Research & Development, Edwards Lifesciences Corp.


"I found the Apollo Leadership Experience to not only be informative and inspirational but also directly applicable to the leadership challenges that I face on a daily basis. The format of the training provided a great overview of the significant history of the Apollo program that is complemented by in-depth personal stories and then followed up by discussions that relate the topic discussed to present day situations.  If I could recommend only one leadership course for managers of teams, then this is the course.  It is perfect for working with teams charged with pushing boundaries and developing innovative messages/approaches."

Nicole Ream
Account Manager, Global Infrastructure Firm


"The Apollo Leadership Experience is a unique leadership event -- in content, setting and impact.  The Conference Board/NASA team create a compelling atmosphere of scientific intrigue and intellectual appeal, as they walk participants through an experience that develops a visceral appreciation of how to build a compelling sense of organizational mission and individual inspiration to excellence, which can be carried home to make new impact."

Susanne Bruyere
Associate Dean of Outreach Cornell University, ILR School


"Having attended the Leadership Experience at Gettysburg, I was keen to share the power of a leadership experience with our global management team and found Normandy to be the perfect venue. I plan to make some immediate changes to our leadership structure and to our planning process to implement some of the lessons we learned; beyond that I am going to ask a small team to continue the work we started in Normandy."

Chief Executive Officer, Reuters plc


"The lessons learned from the Normandy Leadership Experience reconfirmed for me that effective strategy and execution are key, as are enabling and empowering teams, active leadership by example, and creating an environment to succeed."

Katharina Auer
Head of Global Internal Communications, AstraZeneca


“The Gettysburg Leadership Experience allowed our team to focus on the impact of working together to create a common outcome.  As a senior leader, at some point you need to look beyond your specific function and individual objectives and focus on the common outcome.  The case studies, facilitated discussions and action planning established at Gettysburg supported our efforts to manage problems and make commitments as a team.”

Roger Sparr
Chief of Staff, Michelin North America Truck Tires


"…the best leadership development program I have ever attended." (Battle of Gettysburg)

Don Crosby
Senior Vice President International and Corporate Human Resources, McDonald's Corporation


“The two days spent on the Gettysburg battlefield provided immediately applicable lessons that have become core to how my team plans, interacts, and executes for success. Put simply, The Conference Board Gettysburg has provided a common language and approach for communicating and decision making."

Deb Affonsa
Senior Director Operational Strategy and Transition Management, PG&E


"…an opportunity to look inside a leadership team and understand how the dynamics of leadership and personalities can change the outcomes." (Battle of Gettysburg)

Paul Stone
Vice President Asset Protection, Best Buy


"The Gettysburg Experience was truly a unique experience in learning: learning about leadership, decision making, recognizing opportunities, creating environments for you and others to be successful, the importance of clear communication and understanding as well as team "buy-in" towards objectives."

Odell Guyton
Director of Compliance, Senior Corporate Attorney, Office of Legal Compliance, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Mircosoft Corporation      


"This approach is a fertile ground for management training. The battle of Waterloo and the events that preceded it proved to be incredibly rich in content and provided a marvellous set of occurrences around which multiple teachable moments could be constructed. These range across virtually all corporate issues: Leadership, Strategy Formation, Operational Excellence, Information and Intelligence, Communication, Decision Taking, HR and Focus."

Mike Shepherd 
VP Competitor Intelligence HPC Category, Unilever


"The Waterloo training gave us interesting insights on military theories and possible parallel with the corporate world. Unique set-up with more 'field work' than class-room time! Mission Command principles helped the team to refocus on the essentials, especially during crisis times. Passion, expertise and diversity from the Corporate Battlefield staff allowed us to regain motivation, put things into perspective, and provided a spot-on feedback session. Great lessons to be learned."

Bernard Lang
Finance Director, Lilly


"What Waterloo teaches us, above all, is to work out what you want to do, and do it. This is applicable not just for the military, but in terms of business as well."

Crispin Black 
Intelligence Analyst, Sky News


"I highly recommend the Waterloo Battlefield Strategy Seminar to businesspeople who are looking for tools to help in decision-making under stressful conditions. The powerful experience of being on the very ground where such an important event took place, led by passionate and expert guides and business consultants, sharpens the focus on the key learnings that are transmitted."

Frank Sportolari 
Vice President European Strategy, UPS Europe


"I appreciated the simplicity of the tools presented at the workshops. The methodology was very clear and simple, and that's good because we need simple tools to make decisions very quickly. My only regret was that the history lessons themselves were given only by the winning side – the victor's prerogative, perhaps. It might have been very interesting to have another angle, another point of view, and confront these two views. Still, it was a rich experience that I'm sure I will never forget."

Karel Vankeirsbilck 
Vice President, Internal Services, Belgacom


"A very useful insight of Mission Command theory and how it can be applied to the corporate world. The battlefield and office were brought together, in a evocative manner, on the ground where thousands of men gave their lives. "

Jon Weeks
Wessex Water Services Limited


"It's learning, but in a different context from what you're used to. You're out there in the open air where things actually happened. It beats a PowerPoint in a lecture hall, 10 out of 10."

David Kingma
Corporate Social Reporting Manager, British American Tobacco

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