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Apollo Leadership Development Experience One-sheet

To learn more about the Apollo Leadership Development Experience, download the one-sheet below.

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Upcoming Apollo Leadership Development Experience Dates

December 7-9, 2015

Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL. Open to all nationalities.

May 13-15, 2015

October 21-23, 2015

Space Center Houston and the Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX. Open to US citizens or US Green Card holders.

*Additional dates available for customized team events.

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Leadership Development Experiences Inquiries

EU based attendees:

For further information, please contact Johan Witters at +32 2 679 50 60 or johan.witters@conferenceboard.org or Sara Murray at +32 2 679 50 51 or sara.murray@conferenceboard.org

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On the Apollo Leadership Development Experience

"…Being on site at NASA and the Houston Space Center, and using the Apollo experience to profile and discuss leadership approaches, was both engaging and very relevant to current business issues… I was able to reflect on lessons learned through the Apollo era and outline leadership strategies for both my team and organization going forward..."

Laurie Brubaker
Senior Vice President
Aetna Inc.

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