Leading When Failure is not an Option

Imagine you have been given a mandate by your CEO to lead an organization you know little about. How would you build your management team?

What if a colossal mistake happened under your watch? How would you get your team back on course?

In the face of a completely unexpected turn of events, could you lead your organization to its finest hour?

These were not hypothetical questions during the 10-year period when America built its space program – a time of unprecedented innovation, the achievement of one of the world’s most memorable moments, and a near-disaster that profoundly tested NASA’s leadership and culture.

For executives faced with dramatic turns in their own organizations, this rich history offers leadership insights that are unparalleled.

The Conference Board Apollo Leadership Experience provides unique access to the Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. You will go behind-the-scenes to learn how leaders who changed the course of history stayed calm under extreme stress, created technology where none existed before, and led their teams from crisis to triumph.

You will explore Mission Control where legendary Flight Director Gene Kranz led the effort to safely return the three astronauts of Apollo 13. And you will hear stories of other leaders and missions that surpass typical business case studies. Together, they reveal the art of tackling the unknown, building a culture of innovation, empowering teams, and overcoming setbacks.

You will discover how to:

  • Articulate a clear picture of success to help your team work toward a common goal
  • Cultivate the agility to inspire confidence and turn setbacks into opportunities
  • Understand how to create an environment that inspires both radical and incremental innovation
  • Prepare for unexpected, high-stakes moments that call for decisive action

Your team will discover how to:

  • Compensate for weaknesses and play to strengths
  • Manage its energy level, morale and emotional response to face a major crisis or challenge
  • Empower members to communicate what is really going on, even if that means delivering bad news
  • Understand when to “step up” and “step back” to bring out each member’s leadership abilities

Your organization will be better equipped to:

  • Establish a culture to enable your organization to endure over time
  • Cope with a climate of uncertainty in which resources, challenges and priorities are likely to change
  • Gain new insights into the type of preparation needed for different scenarios


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Apollo Program One-sheet

To learn more about the Apollo Program, download the one-sheet below.

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On The Apollo Program
"…Being on site at NASA and the Houston Space Center, and using the Apollo experience to profile and discuss leadership approaches, was both engaging and very relevant to current business issues… I was able to reflect on lessons learned through the Apollo era and outline leadership strategies for both my team and organization going forward..."

Laurie Brubaker
Senior Vice President
Aetna Inc.

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