Leadership Program Benefits

The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences employ experiential learning to energize your leaders. By combining The Conference Board expertise in research with facilitated peer learning, our Leadership Development Experiences enhance the quality of leadership within individuals and entire organizations. The results are profound: retention rates for participatory learning methods, including experiential programs, are 50-90 percent compared to 5-10 percent for traditional passive learning methods. You will find that the perspectives on leadership offered by The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences at Apollo, Gettysburg, Normandy, Team USA and Waterloo are unparalleled.

Breakthrough Connections

Familiarity breeds complacency. Working in a familiar environment, such as your office, wears on your ability to think innovatively. Your brain is hardwired to operate automatically rather than creatively, even for complex problem solving. Leadership lessons learned in an unfamiliar environment, such as the battlefield or space frontier, allow you to make breakthrough connections applicable to your workplace.

Managing Change

In an era in which change is expected, leaders must plan effective strategies for transition. One of the most significant impacts of an experiential program is the ability to change. Participants leave The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences with actionable goals for improvement. These goals, when coupled with peer feedback and accountability, become catalysts for positive change.   

Powerful Metaphor

The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences provide a powerful metaphor for business applications by framing current business issues in epic military and exploration narratives. This enables leaders to engage in challenging conversations on sensitive topics, topics that a Harvard Business Review study shows are almost never discussed in the workplace but have a financial impact on an organization. The Apollo and battlefield programs analyze historical leaders and use that analysis to explore models for decision making in times of stress, chaos, and change. The Leadership Experiences create a safe environment for introspection and discussion without negative consequences.

Learning Retention

The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences employ multiple modes of learning including lecture, discussion, video, classroom, and peer coaching. This comprehensive approach engages participants across multiple dimensions: emotional, physical, psychological, and intellectual. Adults are more motivated to learn when they are actively engaged and can see the relevance of what they are doing to their daily lives. The multidimensional nature of the Leadership Experiences, enriched by historic analogies and honest discussion of workplace goals, sets the stage for a powerful learning experience.  

Cross-Organizational Communication

The Conference Board Leadership Development Experiences provide insights on communicating strategy, intent, and transition enterprise wide. Focal points include managing complexity and communication. Promoting a culture of communication translates into sustainable results: feedback from peers and subordinates most accurately predicts a leader’s effectiveness two, four, and seven years down the road.

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