Normandy Agenda

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Topics and Activities

Day One

 Paris, France


  • The experience begins with an informal evening gathering at The Sofitel Arc de Triomphe Hotel, located in the heart of Paris. In a casual setting, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the program's facilitators and the other executives participating in the event.

Day Two

 Normandy, France

Program Introduction

  • After an early-morning departure from Paris, we venture to the Normandy region. Following check-in and lunch, there will be a strategic overview of the Overlord invasion, including its planning and coordination. In addition, a special presentation on Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, "The Loneliness and Isolation of High Command," will take place.
  • In the early evening, we travel to the German overlook at St. Laurent, our first battlefield stop, where we will experience the positioning of the German high command on the eve of the invasion.

Day Three

  • Normandy, France

Program Overview

The battlefield excursion continues in the morning, as participants visit sites and discuss the actions that occurred at each location and how they were critical to the overall mission. The sites visited and topics covered include:

Pegasus Bridge

  • Encouraging initiative and improvisation in the absence of direct supervision
  • Mission clarity and contingency planning to ensure organizational success
  • Assessing succession readiness in critical line / tactical units

Hillman Redoubt

  • Using implementation and execution scenarios to facilitate understanding of the strategic plan
  • Leadership "consciousness" in allocating resources to achieve goals and mitigate risks

Mulberry Harbors at Arromanches

  • Focusing early on technological innovation to overcome anticipated obstacles and create a competitive advantage
  • Leadership's role in creating an environment that stimulates innovation


  • The detrimental impact of relying too heavily on a primary strategy

After-Action Workshop

  • Upon returning from the battlefield sites, facilitators will lead an after-action workshop that connects the day's lessons to the current business environment

Day Four

Normandy, France

Program Overview

The battlefield excursion continues at the following sites, discussing relevant leadership issues:


  • Establishing and ensuring consistency of communication throughout the organizational structure
  • Leading across internal / external boundaries and organizational / geographical cultures
  • Leading geographically dispersed units without regular direct contact or means of real-time communication

Pointe du Hoc

  • Decision making and delegating in a rapidly and ever-changing environment
  • Focusing on objectives and goals constantly and consistently
  • Delegating effectively while strategy is being formulated

Omaha Beach

  • Identifying goals, opportunities and risks when data and intelligence diverge
  • Building alliances and teamwork across boundaries of authority


  • Workshop on lessons learned from the battlefields and their practical applications to business challenges. Using framework provided by the facilitators, you create your own action plan for addressing leadership challenges at home. After your peers and the facilitators provide comments and feedback, you leave our program with a valuable, actionable tool to take home and immediately apply to your workplace.

After-Action Workshop

  • A final after-action workshop will solidify lessons learned from the battlefield and examine their practical applications to everyday business challenges.

Day Five

  Normandy, France


  • Following breakfast, ground transportation will be provided for the return to Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport
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Normandy, France
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