Gettysburg Leadership Experience

Communicate clarity and conviction to enroll people in your mission

In one of the most powerful displays of character in American history, a leader takes a creative, bold approach to an impossible situation – and wins.

Two strong-willed leaders talk past each other, famously demonstrating the costs of muddled communication around key strategy.

A critical opportunity to seize strategic advantage slips away, due to a weak directive that leaves too much open to interpretation.

These are among the moments that decided the future of a country, leaving behind stories whose drama and insights have never lost their power to provoke emotion and debate.

During our Battle of Gettysburg Leadership Experience, you will encounter both exceptional resolve and self-interest; you will examine the impact of taking responsibility for failure and the failure to seize the moment.

You will find enduring lessons for yourself, your team and your organization in the actions of those who made Gettysburg a turning point in history:

  • What does it take to engage people so deeply in your strategy that they seize initiative to carry it out?
  • How do you inspire them to see possibilities for the future?
  • How do you convey your intent throughout your organization so that people and actions are aligned?

While Gettysburg has long been visited and studied, The Conference Board focuses on the moments most relevant to you as a business leader, prompting rich discussion of your most pressing challenges.

You will discover how to:

  • Ensure consistent and clear communication of your strategic intent throughout your organization
  • Define and demonstrate character and ethics that inspire the highest standards and influence outcomes
  • Think strategically as a tactical leader and act tactically as a strategic leader
  • Inspire people to consider the past, understand the present and work toward a better future

Your team will discover how to:

  • Identify and come together around shared goals
  • Define competing priorities as critical versus important
  • Take initiative in support of your organization’s strategy
  • Go beyond succession planning to succession readiness by preparing to function effectively with, or without, its’ top leaders

Your organization will be better equipped to:

  • Recognize opportunities worth seizing, even when they stretch resources
  • Understand approaches to shifting direction in the midst of failure
  • Demonstrate how inaction constitutes a decision of potentially enormous consequence
  • Instill a drive towards continuous learning


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