Customized Options

There is no one size fits all for Private Programs.  Each private event is tailored to support achieving your goals and overcoming specific challenges your leaders face today. Below is the process we use to determine how best to support you in our partnership.

Our 3-Step Customization Approach

1. Select Your Team

Whether it’s a high potential cohort or a key leadership team, we’re here to support your leaders’ development. Identifying which group(s) would be best served by an experiential learning program or series of programs is a key part of your initial discussion with our team.

2. Determine Your Priorities

After working with us to choose the cohort, we will together review your selected cohort’s development needs and goals. Our approach to experiential learning creates “episodic memory” and produces long-lasting awareness and change. But change is only valuable if it develops the characteristics and capabilities relevant to your people’s needs. This process ensures that the topics selected for your program meet your needs.

3. Choose Your Destination

Once the cohort and topics are selected you may find that multiple programs could achieve your objectives.  At this stage of the process you will select which program and location is preferred. This decision is first driven by which location will best serve your leaders, including considerations such as travel, preferences, cultural fit, team dynamics and other.

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All members of The Conference Board receive $500 off any public program.

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Please contact Jeff Jackson with questions, private program options and pricing. +1 516 554 5599 or

Our Partner

This executive development program is brought to you by The Conference Board, in association with Experience to Lead.

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What Makes Leadership Experiences Different?

Jeff Jackson and Dick Richardson explain all. This program is brought to you by The Conference Board and Experience to Lead. 

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