Why We're Different

Our leadership development programs feature several advantages over traditional approaches:

Emphasis on experiences. 

Human beings are wired to make sense of the world through stories. By immersing yourself in the successes and failures of other leaders, gain new perspectives

Focus on real business challenges. 

The Conference Board is not an academic organization, but instead turns to business leaders in our extensive network to pinpoint strategies that work not just in theory, but practice.

A portfolio of offerings. 

Each of our programs looks at leadership through a unique lens. You can explore how to cultivate innovation through our Apollo experience, and how to lead your team to peak performance through Team USA. Pick what is right for you and build on your experiences over time.

A different level of conversation. 

Our programs expose you to people and perspectives you would never ordinarily encounter. Expand your network while you expand your thinking.

Tailored and customized options. 

We believe that agility and innovation go hand-in-hand. Any of our programs can be tailored to your unique business challenges, and we can go further to create a fully customized, original program for your team.

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What Makes Leadership Experiences Different?

Jeff Jackson and Dick Richardson explain all. 

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