Team USA Agenda

*Sample Agenda


Topics and Activities

Day One

3:00 PM Opening Ceremonies at U.S. Olympic Training Center

  • "Torch Lighting" Ceremony
  • Privileged, insiders’ perspective of the USOC organization with “The Team Behind the Team
  • An introduction to the key themes of the program:
    • Creating cultures of high performance
    • Building organizational and individual resilience
    • Strategic coaching for “A” players
    • The Olympic Symbols: Creating enrollment and engagement
  • Sports Experience
7:00 PM Dinner with USOC Guest Speaker

Day Two

8:00 AM US Olympic Training Center
  • Individual Sports Experience (such as USA Shooting, Air Rifle and Pistol)
    • New insights into coaching and feedback – from medal-winning coaches
    • The mental game: lessons in mindfulness, focus and cognitive resilience
    • Alternative approaches to hitting the target: Process versus goal orientation
  • Tour of Facility
    • A systemic view of a high-performance organization, with connections to your organization’s culture and systems of support
  • Behind the scenes at the U.S. Olympic Training Center Athlete Residence Complex
  • Olympic Moments: A Case Study
    • An insider’s look at moments in modern Olympic and Paralympic history
    • Staying centered under pressure, organizational resilience and clarity of purpose
  • Team Sports Experience (such as Paralympic Sitting Volleyball)
    • An active experience led by medal-winning athletes & legendary coaches.
    • Lessons in leveling the playing field
    • Managing personal vulnerability and shared accountability
    • Impact of a leader on team cohesion
  • Full Group Debrief
    • Facilitated conversation to connect insights to your organization/team
7:00 PM Dinner with Olympic and Paralympic Athletes
  • Dine side-by-side with Olympic and Paralympic athletes – medaled, and hopefuls
  • Opportunities to hear intimate accounts of training and performance from the athletes

Day Three

8:00 AM U.S. Olympic Training Center
  • Olympic Moments: A Case Study in Performance and Innovation
    • Leadership succession and the “encore” problem
    • Individual and team resilience
    • Cycles of performance and recovery
    • Innovation in team building and individual improvement
  • Debrief: "The Game Plan"
    • Facilitated conversation that brings the whole experience together: Defining relevant and actionable next steps
  • A memorable close to the experience
1:00 PM Program ends between 1 - 2pm at US Olympic Training Center
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