What does it take to create a culture of high-performance?

You will gain unique business leadership and performance insights from Olympic athletes and coaches. You can even join them in the sports they play. Luckily you won’t have to compete against them!

On-site at the Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, CO or Chula Vista, CA, you’ll immerse yourself in the culture of the Olympics and Paralympics. Participate in Olympic and Paralympic sports and converse with medal winners, coaches, and their Sports Psychologist counterparts to understand the critical skills necessary to radically improve agility, resilience, and high performance. You will meet athletes and coaches who push beyond limits, tap unknown reserves, and master the challenges that come from competing to win.

Sample Learning Objectives:

  • Defining a clear motivation and purpose to meet goals
  • Creating personal and team resilience
  • Taking your personal and team leadership to the next level through coaching and feedback
  • Developing systems of support to enable success

Please Note: Each program is customized, these are examples of possible learning objectives 


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Team USA: Colorado Springs, CO: 2018 TBD

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