Building an Innovation Experience for Your Organization

Each Innovation Experience program is custom-designed to fit your organization’s needs through intensive project planning, assessment surveys designed to clarify team and individual challenges, and in-person meetings between your company and our expert program facilitators. Our goal is to ensure that your Innovation Experience is aligned with your objectives and expectations for individual and organizational growth.

A typical Innovation Experience may include any or all of these four elements:

  • Site visits to companies that are known for innovation that provide a close and detailed view of current best practices in organizational and technical innovation.
  • Trend analysis that leverages information from researchers and thought leaders who specialize in forecasting about the forces that affect organizations, sectors, and industries.
  • Conceptual modeling that applies innovative concepts in a systematic, organizational context using the “7-S Model” as a shared construct.
  • Visual thinking that uses graphic facilitation and tablet computers to create a “big-picture” representation of discussion points. This facilitation process, increases engagement and imaginative thinking, and will help participantssynthesize learning and identify areas for future work.


To learn more about customizing an Innovation Experience for your organization, contact Amanda Harmon at +1 212 339 0256 or Jeff Jackson at +1 212 339 0380, or

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