Waterloo Testimonials

"What Waterloo teaches us, above all, is to work out what you want to do, and do it. This is applicable not just for the military, but in terms of business as well."

Crispin Black
Intelligence Analyst, Sky News


"It's learning, but in a different context from what you're used to. You're out there in the open air where things actually happened. It beats a PowerPoint in a lecture hall, 10 out of 10."

David Kingma
Corporate Social Reporting Manager, British American Tobacco


"The Waterloo training gave us interesting insights on military theories and possible parallel with the corporate world. Unique set-up with more 'field work' than class-room time! Mission Command principles helped the team to refocus on the essentials, especially during crisis times. Passion, expertise and diversity from the facilitators allowed us to regain motivation, put things into perspective, and provided a spot-on feedback session. Great lessons to be learned."

Bernard Lang
Finance Director, Lilly


"This approach is a fertile ground for management training. The battle of Waterloo and the events that preceded it proved to be incredibly rich in content and provided a marvellous set of occurrences around which multiple teachable moments could be constructed. These range across virtually all corporate issues: Leadership, Strategy Formation, Operational Excellence, Information and Intelligence, Communication, Decision Taking, HR and Focus."

Mike Shepherd
VP Competitor Intelligence HPC Category, Unilever


"I highly recommend the Waterloo Battlefield Strategy Seminar to businesspeople who are looking for tools to help in decision-making under stressful conditions. The powerful experience of being on the very ground where such an important event took place, led by passionate and expert guides and business consultants, sharpens the focus on the key learnings that are transmitted."

Frank Sportolari
Vice President European Strategy, UPS Europe


"I appreciated the simplicity of the tools presented at the workshops. The methodology was very clear and simple, and that's good because we need simple tools to make decisions very quickly. My only regret was that the history lessons themselves were given only by the winning side – the victor's prerogative, perhaps. It might have been very interesting to have another angle, another point of view, and confront these two views. Still, it was a rich experience that I'm sure I will never forget."

Karel Vankeirsbilck
Vice President, Internal Services, Belgacom


"A very useful insight of Mission Command theory and how it can be applied to the corporate world. The battlefield and office were brought together, in a evocative manner, on the ground where thousands of men gave their lives. "

Jon Weeks
Wessex Water Services Limited

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