Gettysburg Testimonials

"The Gettysburg Experience was truly a unique experience in learning: learning about leadership, decision making, recognizing opportunities, creating environments for you and others to be successful, the importance of clear communication and understanding as well as team "buy-in" towards objectives."

Odell Guyton
Director of Compliance, Senior Corporate Attorney, Office of Legal Compliance, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Mircosoft Corporation      


"…the best leadership development program I have ever attended."

Don Crosby
Senior Vice President, International and Corporate Human Resources, McDonald's Corporation


" opportunity to look inside a leadership team and understand how the dynamics of leadership and personalities can change the outcomes."

Paul Stone
Vice President Asset Protection, Best Buy


“The two days spent on the Gettysburg battlefield provided immediately applicable lessons that have become core to how my team plans, interacts, and executes for success. Put simply, The Conference Board Gettysburg has provided a common language and approach for communicating and decision making."

Deb Affonsa
Senior Director, Operational Strategy and Transition Management, PG&E



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"I just spent a memorable two days walking the Gettysburg battlefield attending The Conference Board’s Leadership Development Experiential Program..."

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