Apollo Testimonials

“I have attended a number of seminars and workshops from The Conference Board over the years, usually focused on performance measurement and succession planning, and have developed a high regard for their content, quality, and caliber.

I found The Apollo Experience in Houston to be a well-designed and well run program that attracted an intriguing and diverse group of participants. My experience has not only increased my awareness of the value of Experience to Lead provided leadership efforts, but also further strengthened my appreciation of the full range of services and 'enablement' provided by and through The Conference Board. This was one of the best experiential learning experiences I have had during my nearly 45 year professional career.”
Roger Lewis


"The Apollo Leadership Experience was an incredible learning and leadership experience.  While I have enjoyed many leadership programs through-out my career, I can honestly say this program inspired me and is the best one I have ever participated in.  Being on site at NASA and the Houston Space Center, and using the Apollo experience to profile and discuss leadership approaches, was both engaging and very relevant to current business issues.  In addition to feeling a renewed sense of pride for our country’s space exploration, I was able to reflect on lessons learned through the Apollo era and outline leadership strategies for both my team and organization going forward.  I was especially impacted by the leadership lessons from Mission Control and the core tenets of Discipline, Competence, Confidence, Responsibility, Toughness and Teamwork are daily reminders to me of how to lead my organization to ensure success.”
Laurie Brubaker
Senior Vice President, Pharmacy, Aetna Inc.


 "The Apollo Leadership Experience is a unique leadership event -- in content, setting and impact.  The Conference Board/NASA team create a compelling atmosphere of scientific intrigue and intellectual appeal, as they walk participants through an experience that develops a visceral appreciation of how to build a compelling sense of organizational mission and individual inspiration to excellence, which can be carried home to make new impact."
Susanne Bruyere
Associate Dean of Outreach, Cornell University, ILR School


"The Apollo Leadership Experience is one of the best (if not the best) course I have been to. The Conference Board selected excellent materials, provided great examples and put together an experience that could translate key learnings from the NASA Apollo days to our current business needs. The tours of the Rocket Park, the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory, Mission Control will be something I will remember for the rest of my life."
Laksen Sirimanne 
Vice President Research & Development, Edwards Lifesciences Corp.


"I found the Apollo Leadership Experience to not only be informative and inspirational but also directly applicable to the leadership challenges that I face on a daily basis. The format of the training provided a great overview of the significant history of the Apollo program that is complemented by in-depth personal stories and then followed up by discussions that relate the topic discussed to present day situations. If I could recommend only one leadership course for managers of teams, then this is the course. It is perfect for working with teams charged with pushing boundaries and developing innovative messages/approaches.:
Nicole Ream
Account Manager, Global Infrastructure firm

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