While the U.S. and Western Europe remain major markets, business leaders recognize that growth opportunities are most significant in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. The processes of successful innovation in those markets, however, are significantly different than what has led to success in America and in Western Europe. These differences and opportunities will be the core of discussions during this two day meeting.

Policy developments in Turkey, furthermore, are focusing concerted attention of their business, governmental and academic organizations on establishing innovation and co-collaboration opportunities and partnerships with new global partners.

The agenda will include visits to leading corporate, governmental, and academic research and innovation centers. Senior executives from Turkey’s top companies, governmental agencies and universities will be in attendance, including group dining and networking opportunities. In addition there will be time during the two days in Istanbul for attendees to discuss their insights and how to apply them in their own businesses.

Space is limited and by invitation only. To enquire about criteria for participation, contact marybeth.reidy@conferenceboard.org.

Innovation in Emerging Economies - 12–13 June, 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey

12–13 June, 2013
Innovation in Emerging Economies: Collaboration Opportunities with New Global Partners
A Two Day Meeting for Senior Executives

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