Preparation for

Webcast 1

  • Peruse the reading pack.  The reading pack for phase 1 will include links to H&S papers plus a personal readiness assessment and a questionnaire which helps people place themselves on the maturity model.  It will also have profiles of participants and mentors, and case studies/stories. 
  • Complete organizational assessment for sharing with group and self assessment for own learning and sharing with program director

Webcast 1- Setting a Personal and Organizational Mission              

  • Introduction to H&S Academy
  • Review of Self assessments
  • Maturity model and where participant organizations fit. 
  • How will the program work and what is expected of me?
  • Explanation of the homework

Preparation for

Webcast 2

  • Work through activities from face to face session on a real group in your organization, discuss with program director if needed
    • Optionally share your work with the group

Webcast 2- Future and Scenario Planning

  • Highlights and learnings from activity (volunteers and program director)
  • How is future proofing  and strategic planning done in your organization?  Does your organization do scenario planning?  Who are the players?  How do long term strategic plans and the annual budget process fit together.

Preparation for the 3-day Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Gather strategy documents
  • Draft personal action plan
  • Draft your vision for H&S in your organization in 1, 2 and 3 years
  • Optionally share visions and action plan for incorporation into the face to face session

3-day Face-to-Face Meeting Day 1

  • Agenda, handout of workbook

  • Introductions and warm up exercise
  • Overview of H&S end to end including the “why”
  • H&S case studies, including working strategies/case studies to reflect several paths
  • Discussion session – sharing our learning goals from the Academy
  • Key benefits of a good H&S Strategy
  • Developing your H&S Strategy
  • Future proofing your strategy
  • Considering a strategy that crosses international borders

3-day Face-to-Face Meeting Day 2

  • Tools available and in use for these steps and stages – session leaders share stories, participants brainstorm and discuss, examples and case studies shared
  • Personal action session
  • Agenda and group sharing of learnings so far and updated desires for program
  • Discussions and sharing on how is risk assessment carried out in your organization?
  • Who needs to be involved and how do you ensure that all of the key players are involved?
  • Understanding your key risks 
3-day Face-to-Face Meeting Day 3


  • Developing H&S key performance indicators
  • How business planning is done at participant
  • Future proofing and Scenario Planning
  • Working session on scenario development with subteams presenting scenarios to the group at the start of the second day
  • Gap analysis and action planning
  • Tools and techniques, information sources and tools discussion and sharing 

Preparation for

Webcast 3

  • Define your 3 year phased vision for H&S, prepare “implementation plan” for making it real.  Review with mentor, share with group, revise.
  • What did you learn from the work of others?

Webcast 3- Planning your Implementation

  • Scaling to enterprise wide – how will you make this real
  • Getting and holding the attention and engagement of leaders and other key stakeholders
  • Creating trust and influencing decisions
  • Effective conversations with the business
  • Communicating progress
  • Personal action plan
  • Academy feedback
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