Academy Cohort B, 2016
October 19-20, preceded by a working dinner on October 18

Program Format and Agenda Topics

Over the course of one 2-day in-person session, preceded by a working dinner, and three interactive webcasts, this crash course will review the key elements of an effective governance strategy. Participants will hear real-world lessons from current and former governance leaders and experts that can be applied to their own organizations.  

 June 8
 Welcome Working Dinner
June 9 - Sessions

The Corporate Governance Framework: Practical Methods for Tracking Governance Processes

Board Fiduciary Duties: Practical Implications for Advising Boards on their Key Duties

Case Studies in Board Organisation, Leadership and Decision-Making Processes

Ethics, Bribery, Fraud and Corruption: Lessons Learned from Recent Cases

Cybersecurity Issues: What is the Responsibility of the Board versus Management?

The Global Company: Doing Business Across the Globe with Multiple Regulators

June 10 - Sessions

Strategy, Risk and Sustainability: Practical Ways to Determine Risk Appetite and Link Risk to Sustainability Metrics

Executive Remuneration: Recent Developments with a Focus on Pay for Performance

The Changing Nature of Capital Markets: Creating Long-Term Corporate Value in a Short-Term Equity Market

Corporate-Shareowner Communications with Institutional Investors Including Hedge Funds

Proxy Voting: Positioning Your Company to Succeed in the Voting Process

A Hands on Workshop on Integrating Reporting: Bringing Together and Presenting Strategic Value-Creating Company Data 

Wrap Up: Increasing the Value to the Company of the Corporate Governance Team


Interactive Webcast 1: Overview of Corporate Governance

Interactive Webcast 2: Governance, Enterprise Risk and Sustainability and Description of Final Project

Interactive Webcast 3: Corporate Governance Issues for Subsidiaries

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Cohort B, 2016
October 19-20, 2016, preceded by a working dinner on October 18

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