The Future of Innovation: The Best Signposts for Innovation, and How Companies Use Them to Measure Business Performance


How do you measure innovation—and innovation potential? First, determine the signposts of innovation in your organization, industry, and business environment. Then choose metrics that assess progress. This research aims to help companies do both.  We will develop new metrics (such as an index) that provide future perspectives on innovation at the sector and industry level, and that measure innovation preparedness at company level.  We will engage our members to bring their real-world expertise to the selection of innovation signposts and relevant metrics. The result: a measurement system that monitors not just past innovation but potential for innovation going forward.

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Here how our council members measure innovation
Hear how our council members measure innovation

Our council members discuss: What measure of innovation are you missing most?

What measure of innovation are you missing most?(ETS)
David Williamson, Vice President, New Product Development, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

What measure of innovation are you missing most? (Dell)
James Strikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Strategist, Dell

What measure of innovation are you missing most? (UI Labs)
Erin Grossi, Director of Strategy, UI Labs and Former Chief Economist, UL Inc.

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Bart van Ark | Carol Corrado | Elizabeth Crofoot | Janet Hao |  Ataman Ozyildirim

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Capitalism Without Capital

by Jonathan Haskell and Stian Westland


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Ataman Ozyildirim, Ph.D
The Future of Innovation

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