The Evolving Worker: Gig Economy, Contingent Work and Alternative Ways of Working

Evolving Worker  

Most workers are employees of just one employer, and they come to the same workplace every day. But their share is shrinking. There is an increase in contingent and alternative employment, partly enabled by technology: gig economy, self-employed contractors, temporary help agencies, teleworking and other. Coincidently, the US and other mature economies are moving into an era of tight labor markets. Employers will have a harder time recruiting, and could find alternative employment a partial solution. In what industries and occupations employers are more likely to use alternative employment? What are the work characteristics that lend themselves to alternative employment? Where are we likely to see the growth in alternative employment? This report represents a culmination of a series of shorter pieces created throughout 2017 to help members understand and take action regarding the use of alternative working arrangements.

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