Topics and Activities

Preparing for the Academy

  • Attendees receive resource pack containing selected articles and reports to provide participants with a strong research foundation for SWP practitioners
  • Tailored self-assessment and organizational readiness assessment to enable maximum benefit from the program

Introductory Webinar

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Program Overview
  • What's Expected of me?
  • Preparing for the First Face to Face Meeting

Pre-Meeting Preparation

  • Gather information about your organization's strategy, including some strategy documentation
  • Gather any work or materials you would like to review

Face to Face Meeting:
Day 1

  • Introductions and Warm-Up
  • Overview of SWP: Why SWP is important; Different Approaches; Case Studies
  • Maturity Model
  • Self-Assessment and Learning Goals
  • "Lessons from a Practitioner"
  • Strategy Analysis and Workforce Segmentation
  • Engaging the Business for SWP
  • Evening Dinner

Face to Face Meeting:
Day 2

  • Reflections on Day 1
  • Enivronment Scanning
  • Analyzing the Current Workforce
  • "Analytics, Statistics and Visualizations in SWP"
  • Workforce Risk Assessment
  • Futuring and Scenario Planning
  • Scenario Planning Activity
  • Evening Dinner

Face to Face Meeting:
Day 3

  • Complete Scenario Planning Activity
  • Gap Analysis
  • Action Planning
  • Other Techniques for SWP
  • Tools, Techniques and Sources of Information
  • "If I knew Then What I Know now - My SWP Journey"
  • Planning a Rollout in Your Organization: Roles and Responsabilities in SWP; Skills of SWP Leaders; Working with HR
  • Vision Reset Session
  • Personal Action Session

Final Webinar

  • Scaling SWP across the Enterprise
  • Personal Action Planning
  • Academy Feedback


Strategic Workforce Planning Academy Inquiry
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Strategic Workforce Planning Academy Upcoming Dates

Small classes. Personal mentors. Preparing executives to lead change.


Cohort A, 2016
October 12-14

Company Specific Programmes Available Please contact us to inquire

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