What is the global economic outlook for 2016?


This year’s outlook provides insight on the following: What is the outlook for world economies in the short to medium term: 2016, 2016-2020 and 2021-2025? What are the biggest emerging political and economic risks for companies? How does an environment of slow global growth and slowing globalization challenge global businesses? Can it present opportunities as well? Where are the chances for faster growth, and what constraints must businesses overcome to find them? We offer regional breakdowns of risks and opportunities and we suggest strategies to help companies find winning formulas even in an unhelpful business environment.

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Quarterly Updates

The Global Economic Outlook website is updated with each quarterly update.

February 2016: StraightTalk
May 2016: StraightTalk | Sub-Saharan Africa 
September 2016: StraightTalk | Corporate profits in Mature Economies

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Insight Minute: Global Economic Outlook 2016

Bart van Ark
Global Economic Outlook

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Alternative China GDP Series FAQ- November 2015

Learn why we use alternative GDP series for China, how they are produced and compare with other alternative measures, as well as a discussion on implications for China and the broader Global Economic Outlook.

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