Verity Search Tips

By default, a search for CONSUMER CONFIDENCE is the same as searching for the phrase "CONSUMER CONFIDENCE".

Basic Search Operators

Hint: A comma can be used instead of OR.


Use parentheses to group criteria.

Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.


Use an asterisks to replace any number of characters.
Example: A search for inte* would find INTEGRAL, INTEGRITY, and INTERWOVEN.

Use a question mark as a single character wild card.
Example: A search for ?ar?et would find CARPET and TARGET.


Case Sensitivity

By default, a Verity search automatically becomes case sensitive whenever performing a search with characters of mixed case. Searches performed in all lower case or all upper case are case insensitive.

Example: A search for EMPLOYEE would return EMPLOYEE, Employee, and employee. A search for Employee would only return Employee.