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Cohort A, 2017
Company Specific Programmes available
Please contact us to inquire


Company Specific Programmes Available. Please contact us to inquire.

In a time of substantial transformation in the business and diversity & inclusion landscapes, the stakes are high. Organizations and their leaders need to understand both the competitive advantage of a focus on D&I as well as the brand risks due to missteps and misaligned strategies.

The Conference Board Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Academy provides new D&I and human capital leaders with contemporary approaches and a shorter path to meaningful results. 

Benefits of attending

Participants develop models and a personal action plan to implement on completion of the program. They also develop the skills to:

  • Assess your D&I competencies
  • Learn how to integrate D&I in other functions
  • Understand D&I in the organizational context; strategic context and structure
  • Put in place effective D&I campaigns
  • Build ties with business partners
  • Become leaders in the field 

Who should attend?

  • Newly nominated D&I heads and their teams
  • Chief Diversity Officers and regional heads of D&I
  • Talent leaders needing to expand into D&I
  • Business units executives given D&I as part of their remit
  • HR and Talent executives with accountability and responsibility for D&I and who are seeking a greater understanding of how to implement/roll out a global D&I strategy with enough flexibility to adapt to local and regional differences
  • Professionals designated to assume these roles in the near future may also apply.
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Academy Cohort A, 2017


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