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The Council on Corporate Governance was founded in Europe in recognition of the growing importance attached by investors to the effectiveness of the corporate board. It has strong connections to the Global Corporate Governance Research Center, based in New York.

The Council is for executives with governance interest and responsibility in Europe, including corporate secretaries and legal counsel and institutional investors responsible for corporate governance policies.

Representative Topics Include:

  • Developments in European codes and best practice recommendations
  • Ownership and control of European companies and comparisons of governance structures
  • Communications between Investors and Corporations
  • Developments in Director Education in Europe
  • Impact of U.S. regulatory requirements on U.K. and European Companies

Who should join?

Corporate governance officers, company secretaries/corporate counsel, executives from institutional investor organisations, pension and mutual funds and other financial services firms as well as corporate governance experts

What members say

“I find that the council meetings provide me with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and views with corporate representatives in an environment which encourages and nurtures frank, confidential and constructive dialogue.”

The power of peer learning

Enduring relationships are at the core of the council experience. Enhanced by our global, enterprise-wide reach, these relationships span the world and help extend value across your organization. Confidential peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective and shared experiences as well as access to specific knowledge, saving you precious time.

Council membership benefits:

  • Collective problem-solving that puts your issue on the agenda
  • Benchmarking through regular surveys of relevant Council member company practices
  • Multi-functional insights generated by the wealth of perspectives? as more than 100 councils work together across functions and geographies, covering more than 50 functions
  • Virtual communities that extend learning opportunities through a variety of online forums and other resources

Council Director

Carolyn Kay Brancato

Carolyn Kay Brancato

Council Director
The Conference Board
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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.