Innovation Council

Our council is a network of leaders in the field of innovation from many different industries. The members are responsible for business development, innovation, research & technology,strategic marketing, and include executives who oversee technical innovation outside the research function. We meet to optimize ways in which innovation can be harnessed to meet stakeholder goals from the whole enterprise.

The transformational changes in technology and business practices make it increasingly important to exchange and share experience with colleagues facing similar challenges in other industries. Council membership provides a regular opportunity for this vital exchange with an international network of peers. Activities include formal presentations, site visits, workshops and informal discussion.


Membership is open to directors and senior executives responsible for: New Business Development, Innovation, Research and Development, Marketing, and others who play an important role in the Innovation Process.

The Council focuses on:

  • Innovation within Enterprises
  • Use of Partners, Alliances, Outsourcing, Acquisitions and Internal Teams
  • Human Resource Management as support to the Innovation Process
  • Barriers to innovation: social, geographical and cultural
  • Sharing best practices and new opportunities
  • Site visits to organisations normally inaccessible

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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.