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The business community is experiencing a trend not seen since the third industrial revolution. The speed of new technologies being brought to market and the enhanced capabilities and affordability caused by digital innovation and the advent of Big Data has led to changes in how business is conducted, how organizations are managed and how consumers behave.

In fact digital transformation is having a huge impact on the entire value chain, from operations and logistics to how companies compete and with whom, where innovation comes from, how organizations engage with consumers and the role consumers play in the value chain.

While many resources exist to help leaders to survive, or even better, to thrive in such an environment of rapid change, the Digital Transformation Council provides a confidential environment where senior executives can share issues and solutions with others who have been there--and will be there.

Potential Topics include:

While the membership will ultimately drive the council’s agenda, our initial attention is expected to be focused on:

 Culture & Competencies

Internal Efficiency

External & Consumer

People Behaviors

Productivity / Cost savings

Product Portfolio

Change Management

Speed / Time-to-Market

Changing Consumer Habits

Skill development



Communicating the business case to the Board and Senior management

How to manage the digital transformation

What’s next (IOT, Robotica …)

Who should join?

  • Heads of Digital Transformation, IT, Marketing, Strategy within a global company
  • Typically working to transform the company to become digitally able across various functions
  • Typically responsible for the Global/Group strategy
  • An established member of the senior team within their organization.  

The power of peer learning

Enduring relationships with trusted peers are the core of the council experience. Enhanced by our global, enterprise-wide reach, these relationships span the world and extend the value of council membership. Confidential peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective and shared experiences, as well as access to specific knowledge and best practices.

Council membership benefits

  • Collective problem solving that puts your issue on the agenda
  • Benchmarking through regular surveys of council members about relevant company practices
  • Multifunctional insights generated by the wealth of perspectives gathered from over 100 councils (covering more than 50 functions) that work together across geographies
  • Virtual communities that extend learning opportunities through a variety of online forums and other resources

Council Director

Patrick Arlequeeuw

Patrick Arlequeeuw

Council Director
The Conference Board
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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.