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A more dynamic, complex and global business environment places Human Resources at the center of business strategy decisions. Strategic HR Business Partners enable business leaders to understand and take appropriate actions and decisions on workforce challenges and realities, which in turn lead to successful business strategies and their execution. As integral members of the senior leadership team, Strategic HR Business Partners have the role of the trusted people and organization advisors for their key stakeholders. They add value and help achieve business goals by applying functional expertise, business acumen, analytical problem solving, collaborative influence and emotional intelligence to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of both executive leadership teams and the workforce.

The Strategic HR Business Partners Council provides a confidential and vendor-free environment where members share and collaboratively explore solutions on how they can become real strategic partners by increasing the added value to their organisation and helping achieve business goals. 

Topics Include:

  Business Impact :

  • The “Consultancy” role of the Strategic HR Business Partner
  • Leveraging and tailoring corporate organizational and people initiatives for the business unit
  • Developing organizational and people initiatives specifically for the business unit in order to deliver against its business strategies and opportunities/challenges
  • Identifying and translating new organizational and people trends/thinking to fit the business unit agenda and priorities

People Impact :

  • Working effectively with and managing the following stakeholder relationships:
    BU Leader, BU executive team, BU employees, Other BU HR colleagues, COEs/Corporate Functions, Internal networks, External suppliers, customers, think tanks and networks
  • Coaching the BU Leader or executive team - managing relationships well
  • Identifying and managing high potential talent including the Millennials
  • The future of work - latest thinking from top business schools
  • Leadership and the power of storytelling
  • The Emerging role of HR in Business
  • Labor shortages and strategic workforce planning
  • Stakeholder Management and Employer Brand

Personal Impact :

  • HR BP skills, capabilities and continuous development opportunities/needs to mirror the ever-changing, dynamic and global business environment
  • Managing your impact, image and brand
  • Mentoring & coaching for success

Who Should Join?

  • Senior HR business partners.
  • Minimum remit; EMEA or business unit.

The power of peer learning

Enduring relationships with trusted peers is the core of the council experience. Enhanced by our global, enterprise-wide reach, these relationships span the world and extend the council value. Confidential peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective and shared experiences, as well as access to specific knowledge and best practices.

Council membership benefits 

Collective exploration and solutions to individual member organization opportunities or challenges
Informal, Real-time Benchmarking of current approaches by members to the most challenging issues
Multi-industry insights and best practices from non-competitive peers via in-depth discussions
Performance accelerating ideas for a key growth engine in your company
Networking, reputation building and access within your peer community
Virtual communities that extend learning opportunities through online forums and other resources 

What Happens at a Meeting?

  • Presentations by members or external experts on topics selected by members
  • Discussions on leading edge or “day to day” issues picked by and moderated by members
  • Panels where 2-3 members share experiences on a topic

Council Director

Sanja M. Haas, M.A.

Sanja M. Haas, M.A.

Senior Fellow, Human Capital; Council Director, Leadership, Talent & Learning
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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.