Learning, Development, and Organizational Performance Council

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This council is exclusively for executive-level leaders of talent development, organizational development and learning for their member companies or firms. Members of the council are typically the most senior leaders of these functions within their organization. These roles typically interact with the CEO and other senior executives of their respective organizations. Titles of members are usually VP or Directors of Talent Development, Organizational Development (Effectiveness) and/or Learning.  Their core responsibilities will include at least several of the following areas all of which we have discussed during our meetings:

  • Business-based talent and leadership development
  • Corporate Learning strategy and architecture
  • Succession planning/talent reviews
  • Organizational capability and effectiveness
  • High potential and emerging leader development programs
  • Executive assessments/development/coaching
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent metrics/analytics
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Cultures/Employer Brand

The council operates as a confidential forum that addresses the current talent development, organizational development/effectiveness and learning challenges, opportunities and trends facing members’ companies/firms and the profession as a whole. The council is characterized by regular benchmarking and trust-based peer relationships that enable confidential discussions to occur that result in short and long-term value to its members.

Program Director

Eliska Meyers

Program Director
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Why join the Learning, Development & Organizational Performance Council?

I belong to various professional groups and rarely attend their conferences or meetings. The topics we cover at each meeting are very timely and the level of expertise in the room helps us to deepen our understanding of the practice.

Joseph Whittinghill, Managing Director, Venture Integration Group, Microsoft

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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.