Council on Strategic Risk Management

The European Council on Strategic Risk Management is designed for senior executives with the responsibility for assessing and implementing risk management programmes in their organisations. This exclusive forum will bring together representatives of some of the largest companies operating in Europe and will meet three times a year. Discussions will focus on best practices and how companies are tying ERM design and implementation to strategy and embedding risk management practices into already existing processes.


Participants and their companies could benefit from an exchange of best practice and networking. Some benefits to participants include learning how other companies integrate different types of risk, creating a risk-aware culture, and providing your board of directors the right information on risks and how they are being managed. Companies will benefit from understanding how to organise risk management departments, how risk management and internal audit work together, and how rating agencies and investors consider companies’ risk management in their decisions.

Council Manager

Masa Setina
Council Manager
Phone: + (32) 2-675-5405

Council Project Director

Ellen Hexter
Tel: 914 238 8373

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